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Days Until Camp

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Peak 2017 jumps on the ice

The Peak of 2017 have been having a snowy blast up here at camp, including some great sledding and a walk down the frozen lake.  They even sang a Point O’Pines Happy Birthday to Callie.  While the girls were here, they worked on their secret plans for an amazing 2017 summer.  You will love their ideas!  Camp is just 146 days away, and we just can’t wait.

Photos of the weekend retreat are posted in an album when you log in on our website.

Peak 2017 sings Happy Birthday
The Himoff family

Tonight our family reflected together about how much we have to be thankful for. We are especially thankful for you, our camp community. We appreciate our loving campers, hard-working staff, dedicated alumnae and our friends and neighbors with whom we share the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. We hope that each and every one of you were able to enjoy this day, and know how much we appreciate you.

The Himoff Family

What a great time today!  It was so much fun seeing so many of you at our camp reunion.  There were hugs, a little Aunt Emma’s Auction, our terrific summer video, some deep appreciation for the outstanding Peak of 2016, a colorful yearbook and autographs of our friends.  Until we see you again!  We will be getting ready for you.

Campers play Aunt Emma's Auction

UPDATE: Photos have been posted on our site when you log in, and a link to the summer video was e-mailed to parents.

Camp reunion 2016 Campers get camp yearbook


Alumnae Swim to Schultz's

This weekend dedicated girls of all ages made a trip back to their summer home. These alumnae from the Peaks of 1962 to 2009 joined life-long friends and shared memories while jumping right back into camp activities. With 40 returning head staff to help share great stories, we all had the best laughs and times together.  We ate, we played, we swam, we ate, we played, we stacked some cans (at a jaw-dropping speed earned through much experience) and ate some more. It can’t get better.

Thanks for the memories. Let’s do it again sometime.

If you have a username at pointopines.com there are many more photos in an album under “Photos” once you log in.

Alumnae dine on the beach
Alumnae passing the baton
Stacking cans
Alumnae singing in the dining roomAlumnae dinner
Campers launch wishboats

Last night at our final campfire we reflected on the journey we made together this summer. The things we learned, the many ways we grew, and the friendships we cherish. We also shared our wishes for future summers, burned these wishes, and buried the ashes in the wish box for next summer’s first campfire.

We must thank the Peak of 2016 for their leadership through this amazing summer.  The Peak demonstrated kindness and caring for all the campers and were impressive role models for all of camp. These talented women have so many great things ahead of them. We hope your camp friendships and character will support you throughout your lives.

Thank you to the amazing staff at camp this year.  You all poured your hearts and souls into your campers’ summer. The girls learned so much from you, both in skills and personally as well.

We miss you all dearly, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Burning the numbers "POP2016" The Peak of 2016

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