Horseback Riding

Horseback riding at Point O'Pines sleep away camp for girls

Many of our campers enjoy the opportunity to learn or improve their horseback riding skills while at camp. Two introductory rides for new horseback riders are included in tuition and intensive horseback riding is offered for an additional charge.

Horseback riding at summer camp in Brant Lake, New York

Our horseback riding program is English style and our horseback riding fee is based upon the program selected by you for your daughter. For your daughter to ride, we must have your written permission via the Horseback Riding form in your CampMinder Forms Dashboard. This form is due by May 31st.

Riders must have the following safety equipment in order to participate in Horseback Riding of any kind:

  1. A Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) approved riding helmet with the SEI seal. This helmet complies with the ASTM Standard F1163. The protective aspects of SEI certification assures the buyer that the entire manufacturing process has been examined and that products certified have fulfilled all requirements.
  2. Riding shoes with a proper heel
  3. Riding gloves
  4. We suggest jodhpurs or riding tights for comfort
  5. Protective riding vests or other safety equipment should be utilized based on parental discretion.