Summer Camp Counselors

The Experience of a Lifetime

counselor on waterfront at sleep away camp in NY

As a counselor at Point O’Pines, the experiences you have and the friendships you develop will stay with you forever.  You will have the unique opportunity to create a family atmosphere with the campers and co-counselors who live in your bunk.  This special experience  provides our counselors with the opportunity to develop skills in many different domains including:

  • conflict resolution
  • leadership
  • group management
  • motivation
  • mentoring

At Point O’Pines we have two types of camp counselor positions: the general counselor and the specialty counselor.

General camp counselors

General Counselor

A General Counselor lives with and is responsible for campers in one of our three youngest age groups (ages 7 to 10). During daily activity periods, the general counselor travels to activities and participates with her campers. She also has an opportunity, based upon her personal skills, to assist in specialty areas, where she may be working with campers in other age groups. General Counselors should be experienced in working with younger children.

Specialty Counselors

A Specialty Counselor lives with campers in any one of our age groups. During daily activity periods, she provides instruction under the direction of a Specialty Head in her area of expertise. Specialty Counselors must be experienced not only in their activity area but must have the patience, motivation and desire to teach these skills to campers.

Both General and Specialty Counselors live in comfortable cabins (also called “bunks”) with the campers and are responsible first and foremost for the health, adjustment and happiness of the girls in the bunk. All cabins are modern facilities with fully equipped bathrooms and electricity.