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Come Experience The Magic Of The Point

During seven fleeting weeks, lifetime friendships are born, skills are honed, confidence is realized and tons of fun is part of every day. All of this and more define Point O’Pines Camp for Girls, (or the “The Point” for short). The Point is located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains on the crystal clear waters of Brant Lake. Surrounded by mountains, Brant Lake is about six miles long, one mile wide and is a beautiful clear lake with a sandy bottom. Our brother camp, Brant Lake Camp for Boys is a mile away.

The Himoff Family

The Point, founded in 1957, is owned by Sue and Jim Himoff, and is considered by many to be one of the finest private camps in the country. It has been the Himoffs’ labor of love to build upon our legacy of wonderful traditions in a modern resort-like facility, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, buildings and cabins that fit harmoniously with the Adirondack beauty.

Point O’Pines is not a “normal, everyday” children’s camp. Our facility is busy all year round. After camp we host an alumni camp affiliated with the University of Michigan. Fall, Winter and Spring bring guests from faraway places for weddings and events in our boathouse and restaurant. A gourmet restaurant makes its after camp home in our gorgeous natural wood and glass dining room overlooking the lake. The restaurant’s executive chef also leads our large kitchen staff that prepares the great meals we serve all summer.

The success of our camp is about our ability to create a warm and caring community for both campers and staff.

Each summer we have a staff composed of highly skilled instructors who teach in the best-kept facilities imaginable. However, these aspects of our camp do not create the magic of The Point. The success of our camp is about our ability to create a warm and caring community for both campers and staff. Our staff members have immeasurable influence on our campers. We care, so they care. We show respect, so they show respect. We show how much we love our community, and they show how much they love it as well. As the campers are developing the coping skills needed to navigate their social worlds, they never forget the love and support our staff give them along the way. Our camp directors work with each of our counselors to help them gain the confidence and tools necessary to be a wonderful Point O’Pines staff member.

Being a staff member at Point O’Pines is not an easy job. Although there will be a lot of laughter, excitement, and fun, there will also be moments of tears and frustration. However, is has been our experience that the journey through a summer at Point O’Pines will likely be one of the most rewarding experiences you have ever had.