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Campers at the farm

ClothingWhat to wear at camp

Our camp uniform has been designed to simplify camp life. Your strict compliance with our uniform requirements will avoid unneeded and unusable clothing. Please note the official clothing emblem below. This is the only logo allowed on clothing.

POP Clothing Logo

Refer to the Point O’Pines packing list and clothing notes for specific details about clothing requirements (located in The Camp Spot clothing catalog). Returning families should carefully examine our clothing list as it contains minor changes.

Campers on the basketball court

One of the primary reasons for being a uniform camp is to eliminate the opportunity for “competitive dressing.” With this in mind, we ask you to make sure that your daughter adheres to the clothing requirements. We also ask that you send the required amount of uniform clothing – especially for the older girls – so that campers do not run out of camp uniforms.

Campers ready to ride

Our official camp uniform outfitter is The Camp Spot. It is best to order your clothing by May 1st to guarantee a timely arrival.

Having fun in uniform

When making your purchases, please keep in mind that the only two items on the uniform list that must have the Point O’Pines logo are the white uniform shirt and the Point O’Pines bed cover. Non-required items are offered in the The Camp Spot Catalog. Please consult the required clothing list before ordering as we have tried to limit the amount of required logo items so that you may use items which you may already have on hand or acquire items for camp from the most reasonable source available.

A pair of campers wearing their Point O'Pines uniforms

All items must be marked with your daughter’s full name. This is our only means for identification and prevention of loss of personal belongings.

Special Note for Senior House Campers: We design special shirts for our Seniors and Peakers that may be worn instead of the regular uniform shirt. These shirts are not included on our uniform list. Order forms are included in your CampMinder Forms Dashboard. These shirts are ordered directly from camp and will be labeled and given to your daughter upon her arrival at camp. We cannot guarantee quantities or sizes for Senior House shirts ordered after April 1st.

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