7201 State Route 8
Brant Lake, NY

phone : 518.494.3213

fax : 518.494.3489

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We use the best and freshest ingredients and try to incorporate whole grains and fresh fruit as much as feasible.  Our diet is a balance of the most nutritious and the most delicious.  Often we can achieve both making the most nutritious also the most delicious.

We bake our own table breads at camp and offer both traditional hard crusted fresh breads and rolls and dense whole grain varieties of home baked loaves.  We bake all of our desserts at Camp.  We appreciate that many families are focused on whole grain and high fiber for their daughters.  When we offer sliced bread at Camp, we want you to know that it is Arnold’s Whole Grain and when we offer cereals, they are all whole grain.  Our pasta is all imported from Italy and is either whole grain cuts or semolina cuts.

We are experimenting with how much whole grain will be welcomed by the campers, but we will soon find out.  Our pasta bar features a variety of pastas both whole grain and semolina.


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