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Campers launch wishboats

Last night at our final campfire we reflected on the journey we made together this summer. The things we learned, the many ways we grew, and the friendships we cherish. We also shared our wishes for future summers, burned these wishes, and buried the ashes in the wish box for next summer’s first campfire.

We must thank the Peak of 2016 for their leadership through this amazing summer.  The Peak demonstrated kindness and caring for all the campers and were impressive role models for all of camp. These talented women have so many great things ahead of them. We hope your camp friendships and character will support you throughout your lives.

Thank you to the amazing staff at camp this year.  You all poured your hearts and souls into your campers’ summer. The girls learned so much from you, both in skills and personally as well.

We miss you all dearly, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Burning the numbers "POP2016" The Peak of 2016


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