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Dear Campers,

Over the past few months your lives have changed so much and we know it has been really hard. During this difficult time, we want more than anything to bring our Point O’Pines family together for the summer because we know how much you need camp right now. We have been working so hard to try to figure out a way to have a wonderful summer while keeping you all safe and healthy. However, it breaks our hearts to let you know that we have made the decision that the best way to keep all of you safe and healthy this summer is to postpone camp until the summer of 2021.

This decision has been the hardest decision we have ever made. Every year, we spend 10 months preparing for summer and we wait excitedly all year for the first day of camp when we can bring our summer family back together. There is no greater joy for us than seeing you at camp as you make lifelong friendships, thrive in your activities, and have the time of your lives. We are inspired by the love you have for each other and The Point, and it is that love that will get us all through this difficult time.

We know that this news is very upsetting to you. We are experiencing many of the same emotions of sadness, anger, frustration, and loss you are feeling now as we come to the realization that we won’t be able to come together in person this summer. It is so important to remember that the real magic of The Point is that we stay connected in our hearts and through our friendships even when we are not sitting together at the campfire circle under a beautiful starlit sky. The bonds that unite our Point O’Pines community are strong, spirited, and loving and will support us all as we work through the challenging days and weeks ahead.

You probably have a lot of questions for us right now and we encourage you to reach out with all of your questions. There is one important point we want to make sure you understand. We are just pausing camp for the current summer and we will move forward in 2021 with all of you in the same groups that you would have been in this summer. The Peakers have already put so many hours of work into planning an outstanding summer for the camp community and these amazing Peakers of 2020 will become the unique Peakers of 2020/2021, and the Seniors of 2020 will be the Seniors of 2021.

We also want to take special care to make sure our new campers continue to build the bonds that they have started to create with their Big Sisters and other POP campers. We are so grateful to our Big Sisters for the kindness and love they have shown their Little Sisters and we are excited to see these bonds continue to grow over the coming months.

Although we won’t be coming together in person this summer, we are going to work hard so we all stay united as we wait for the summer of 2021. We will continue with our “Point@Home” program throughout the summer, but right now, it is important that we can see you, answer your questions, and come together as a community to share our love during this time. We invite you all to join us this Sunday at 3:30 for an all-camp Zoom meeting (we will send the Zoom link to parents on Sunday morning).

Every year at our last campfire, we make wishes for the next summer and we light candles on our wish boats as we say a sad goodbye and look toward the future. Tonight as you fall asleep, it is okay to shed some tears as you say goodbye to the camp summer of 2020. But let’s all remember, just like we do at our last campfire, to make our wishes for next summer that will bring us back together and turn our dreams into reality. All of us at camp will work harder than ever to make sure these wishes and dreams come true.

We love you all and are holding you all close to our hearts. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday afternoon.


Sue, Jim, Brandon, Caressa, Sherie, Erin, & Betsy

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