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Thank you to all you Moms and Dads who have allowed me to share the enjoyment of spending time with your daughters.

These 2011 Peakers and Seniors have been doing a wonderful job showing our younger campers how great friends are formed. Who said Friendship was easy!

I am so proud of our 14 and 15-year-olds’ friendship skills. They have learned how to accept each other’s unique style and to rely on each other’s talents.

The homesick stage of our younger campers adjusting to separation from you has been much faster than last year. All our more sentimental girls have turned their need for support into a wonderful connection with the staff and the other campers. The bonds are made each day and we do feel like a summer family (and it is only the beginning of week three).

We have suddenly realized that before we know it, it will be Visiting Day and you will all be so excited to hug your loved ones. They are very busy little girls, as well as wonderful young women.

We hope you will be very proud of their development of new skills in activities and their socializing with each other.

See you soon!

Sue Himoff


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