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Many of our Subs elected to stay up a little late tonight to look up at the sky.  Jake from our Wilderness program, Megan from our Photography program and Brandon set up our camp telescope and several tripods.  We were able to look up as the stars came out and see them up close through the telescope.  The campers were able to learn about taking long exposures on their cameras, and even tried “light painting” where you use a flashlight to paint into a long exposure.  We even took some exposures long enough to see the stars move across the sky.

As the moon rose, we moved the telescope and looked up at the moon.  We first looked at the full disk, but then decided to zoom in at 160x magnification and saw a group of craters brought into striking relief by sunlight grazing across them.  This view of the moon was a whole new experience for the girls.

Campers look at the Moon and Stars Stars at Camp


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