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As families are packing their campers, we wanted to reach out and try to help simplify the process. A key thing to remember is there is a “packing sweet spot”. I know you may be thinking you want to pack everything she might ever need, but please also consider the other side of the story. The girls can eliminate stress when unpacking and putting things away if they have fewer things.  They also have an easier time all summer keeping their bunks clean and finding what they need, when families use the packing guidelines. Your girls will have more time for fun if you take one more look through our guideline on what to send to camp.

For example, keep in mind that excess stuffed animals or other items often end up on the floor or elsewhere because they take up too much room on the bed.  When the girls have more on their bed, it is harder making the bed each morning, these items fall down and are hard to keep clean, and they have also been known to lose a few things under them.  Another idea is to pack a deck or cards or jacks instead of big board games that don’t often get played.

The packing sweet spot is the ideal where your girls have all they need, and not too much. Remember to aim for the sweet spot for a great summer.

If you have any questions about packing for camp, please don’t hesitate to call our office.

Campers Unpacking on Arrival Day


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