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Aunt Emma's Auction

We tried to explain the crazy Aunt Emma’s Auction once before, but this time we went to the experts: our very own Tiger Tis (entering 2nd Grade).  We asked them for their perspective.

POP – What was your favorite part about Aunt Emma’s Auction?
DN – Getting second place because first is the worst, second is the best. But, I love to win and we played hard!
TH – Mila was our judge and we had to say something nice about her, I can’t remember what we said but we wrote it on toilet paper!
LK – I had a toilet paper hat!
LB – I went up and used a bandanna as a bra!
DN – I have a second favorite part. They said to bring up something like a chicken and we didn’t have anything like that, so I went up and did the chicken dance!

POP – What was the silliest item you had?
DN – My underwear on my head!
LK – I was wearing a backward bathing suit, and I got to go up twice for it because they forgot I was wearing it.
TH – *singing* My giant cowboy hat!

POP – What was the best thing you brought up to the judges?
DN – I took my tie dye hamper and used it as a bra and said, “Hey, I’m a pretty lady.”
TH – When they called sweets pillow and I brought up my ice cream pillow and said, “I’m the ice cream man.”
DN – No, the ice cream girl.”
TH – I said ice cream man though. I also brought up my cowboy hat and said, “Howdy, partner!”
LK – Someone used a bandanna for dog ears because we didn’t have any when they called that. We got five bonus points for creativity!
LB – I brought up the bandanna!

Little camper with big ice cream cone (pillow).


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