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Lake at Marcy Dam

Our trip to Marcy Dam was quite an adventure. We left camp at 10:30 am, backpacks filled with our water bottles, clothes, sleeping bags, flashlights and utensils, and our excitement building with every minute. The car ride to the trail was an hour and a half. We stopped by a nice, wild meadow for lunch on the way. Once we got there we we more than ready to go after singing to the radio for an hour and talking about how much fun the trip would be.

We hiked up the mountain, 2.3 miles and all sang and cheered to pass the time as we went. Once we got there we walked along the river for a little and then found a lean to to sleep in. After we had unpacked and set up our lean to we played cards on the rocky beach at the river. While we were playing a hiker passing by showed us the bear tracks of a mamma and cub that he had spotted! It was really cool to see.

At about five we found a clear area and found some logs to make a little campfire circle and started dinner. For dinner we had mac & cheese with sausage. For dessert we had some hot chocolate. We then hung out around our campsite and fell asleep at about ten. We were all super tired from the adventure of the day. We woke up at around eight and had oatmeal with dried fruit for breakfast. We then packed up and headed back down the mountain.

We were back at the van by about twelve and then went to eat lunch at the ADK cafe which was delicious! We are now in the car writing this and will be back at camp in about 20 minutes. The trip was super fun but we are excited to sleep in our beds tonight!


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