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Today during rest period there was an announcement over the PA.  It was Breakout!  Everyone ran to the beach!

Fakeout on the beach

Uh-oh, it was a fake out.  But just before disappointment set in, Sherie announced that the Peakers were in the ring ready for a battle in the Rec Hall for Knockout Breakout 2014. Everyone ran to the Rec Hall!

Team Captains and Lieutenants and Advisers in the Ring at Knockout Breackout 2014

Once in the Rec Hall the Breakout began in earnest.  The Peakers entered the Rec Hall and performed a superb dance routine for us.  Each age group went off to a separate area where they were given their teams for the summer.  White team headed off to the Campfire Circle and the Blue team went to the Rec Hall, where the teams made their first cheers of the summer.  If today was any indication, we are off to a great summer of team spirit and competition.

Peak campers dance for Breakout 2014


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