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Campers having a blast with water aerobics.

As parents, what we really want is a future where our kids are happy and can achieve their goals. We look for the very best schools, help the kids with their homework, and expose them to engaging cultural experiences. School builds a strong foundation of knowledge, but their bright future requires more.

Camp is not just for the fun of it, it is an experience that complements education in school. School excels, of course, with facts and traditional subject matter, while Camp excels at providing skills for life, learning and creativity. When kids get out of the classroom and into the bunk they are collaborating, communicating and solving problems. These are skills for the future that adults rely on every day in the office, and again when we get home. Camp activities and events are built around creativity, flexibility, initiative and leadership. All these learning experiences are firmly embedded in every day of fun with friends.

Every year we think of new fun for their summer, but we are also creating opportunities for growth in every corner of camp. There are just so many reasons we really love camp!

How great is an experience that kids love, and yet is a vital learning experience that prepares our children for a bright future. They win, we all win.

Campers discuss sticker books in the bunk.


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