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As we walked onto the trail we found ourselves surrounded by tall pines and a magical forest floor. We were so excited to start our journey to Marcy Dam. We put on our backpacks and headed off. Our backpacks soon got heavy and we paused for multiple breaks. Soon we arrived at a bridge that crossed a marshy swamp. As we crossed the bridge the only thing we saw were the white trees which made an abstract look like it was snowing. We continued on. After 2.1 miles we saw a light. We had finally arrived at Marcy Dam. The dam was like a painted picture. Here we saw rolling mountains, a rocky brook and lots of happy faces.

Then, we went to find a place to set up camp. We found a perfect place. There, we learned to set up a tent, unpacked our bags, and unrolled our sleeping bags. We then went to explore. We walked along the brook to the dam. It was a fun adventure. When we came back to where we set up camp we realized we were hungry. We learned that you can’t cook too close to your campsite, because we didn’t want the smell to attract animals. We found another spot for cooking.

For dinner we had macaroni and cheese with summer sausage and mixed vegetables. It was really delicious! After we cleaned up we went for a walk. We played a lot of games while we walked along the trail. As soon as the sun started to set, we headed back to camp. We got into our tent and played a fun game of Uno. We got tired, so we decided to go to sleep.

Having had a good night’s sleep, we woke to start a new day. For breakfast we had oatmeal with dried berries and honey. We then packed up and headed for a very exciting hike. We climbed up many ladders and some bridges. It was like a giant game of Chutes and Ladders. As we hiked along we learned how the trail got its name. An avalanche had hit the area a few years ago. Many caves were scattered along the trail.

About 20 minutes later, we approached an amazing site – a lake hidden between two mountains. We ate a yummy lunch of tortilla wraps, bananas, peanut butter, cliff bars, and dried mango and apples. We went for a walk by the lake. We hiked back, nothing changed, just the same spectacular view. At the end we were all sad to see the parking lot. We did not want our adventure to end. We had an amazing time.

Inter Bs Rebecca, Jolie, Lindsay and Tali

Campers at Avalanche Lake


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