7201 State Route 8
Brant Lake, NY

phone : 518.494.3213

fax : 518.494.3489

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Orange Juice or Apple Juice
Bananas, Oranges, Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon
Scrambled Eggs and Boiled Eggs
Breakfast Burritos – Egg, Cheddar Cheese and Salsa
Hash Brown Potatoes
Homemade Chocolate Bobka
Farm Fresh Greek Yogurt
Assorted Non-Sugar Whole Grain Cereals
Freshly Prepared Oatmeal
Skim Milk or 2% Milk


Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers and Vegetarian Burgers
Tossed Salad, Sauerkraut, New Pickles, Relishes and Condiments
Potato Chips
Lemonade and Water
Chewy Delicious Homemade Brownies

Afternoon Snack

Candy Canteen
Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich

Banquet Dinner 2011

Surprise Menu and Evening
Planned by the Great Peak of 2011

Evening Snack

No Evening Snack Tonight


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