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Days Until Camp

news from the pointjim’s food blog

Fresh hoagie sandwich.

We want our campers to crave healthy food. Eye appeal is very important, as is participation in the farm to table process.

Campers love to eat our attractive grilled vegetable hoagie lunch.  The sandwich is filled with wonderfully delicious and healthy things.  We bake six foot hoagie bread in our own bakery and grill eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, and roasted red and yellow peppers over charcoal.  We assemble the sandwich with fresh hummus and virgin olive oil drizzle and serve it warm as the center of attention in the dining room.  This is a lunch that goes fast.

Fresh hoagie sandwich.

Point O’Ritz is a traditional highlight of every summer at the Point.  Did you know that Point O’Ritz was invented back in 1966 by Noble Masi, former chef and foodservice director at Point O’Pines?  Noble wanted to show his kitchen brigade what world-class hotel style service was like for a day, and that day became Point O’Ritz. 1966 was the first year that Noble brought a staff with him including students from the Culinary Institute of America. The first Point O’Ritz meal was served by the counselors, but the next year Hoby Rosen switched and the Peakers began serving the delicious POR meal to the campers.

Campers and alumnae all know the fabulous legend of Noble who started at the Point as a baker, took over the management of the foodservice, and then went on to be a professor and then director of the Culinary Institute of America,  Noble is presently retired and an “Ambassador” for the CIA.  His continuous friendship for the Point has been important in guiding us to where our foodservice is today, under the leadership of Chef Denver Grover, a graduate of the CIA.  Learn more about Point O’Ritz.

Peakers with Noble Masi and Denver Grover

We love Sunday morning breakfast at the Point.  Beside our famous chocolate chip muffins and our full breakfast menu, we love our best quality smoked salmon served with sliced tomato, a little sliced onion and capers.  The white fish is also a hit with our selection of freshly baked New York bagels and freshly baked bialys.

Smoked Nova Scotia Salmon with Lemon, Onion, Tomato, and Capers.
Grilled chicken salad

We are excited about our new venture into a nut-free environment at Point O’Pines.  Embarking on this journey has not been easy but it is important and worthy.  We are convinced our diet at Point O’Pines will be just as delicious as before with plenty of healthy options for every camper and counselor.

Our first task was to review all of the items we serve for labeling to confirm that all the ingredients that we use are nut-free.  We checked labels, manufacturers websites and specific codes on every product we use.  Some well known products were actually very confusing as the manufacturer would not make the statement that the product does not contain nuts, but instead referred us to package labeling which they suggest might change from time to time.  We found that some products prepared by national manufacturers are nut free from some production plants and may contain nuts when from sister plants.

Once we determined the limited number of products that we had used containing nuts we searched for delicious substitutes.  One example is the replacement of peanut butter with sun butter and the elimination of candy bars and ice cream containing nuts.   We found plenty of healthy and enticing alternatives.

We think our campers will be very satisfied with their diet and find it even healthier and more delicious than before.  There will be plenty of new options, especially all the new items that we have added to our candy canteen.

For more information see the food safety, special diets and allergies page on our website.

A camp classic: s'mores!

Point O’Pines Camp is sponsoring the FARE (“Food Allergy Research & Education”) Walk for Food Allergies on Saturday September 28th in Westchester. Brandon and Caressa will be at the Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, NY in the sponsor tent. We will be showing our support for food allergy awareness – for our family and our campers with food allergies. We’re excited that we will be seeing quite a few of our campers there with their walk teams as well. We will also be able to share the news that camp will be nut free this summer.

We hear that Junior B Kayla and her sister Jordana (a new 2014 Ti camper) will be selling Rainbow Loom bracelets right next to Point O’Pines at the their family’s sponsor table. They have asked their friends to consider making bracelets for them to sell with all the proceeds going to FARE. They write:

“Hi! Me and my sister support FARE (food allergy research and education) and they are having a big walk to raise money so doctors can find a cure for food allergies. My sister and I will be selling rainbow loom bracelets there. If you want to help us raise money for a good cause, you can do so by making rainbow loom single or fishtail bracelets and give them to me or her by September 25th. If you have brothers or sisters, can you please pass this info on to them? Help us say FAREwell to food allergies!”

If you would like to send bracelets you may contact them at email hidden; JavaScript is required. Kayla and Jordana’s family’s walk page can be found here.

We are excited to see any of you who will be there, but if you can’t make it please feel free to leave your comments of support here.

Callie at FARE Walk 2012

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