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Days Until Camp

news from the pointfor alumnae

Campers on White and Blue teams line up to march into Team Sing.

What a great team competition this summer from an alien breakout and then scavenger hunt to a nail-biting Wacked-Up Relay to last night’s superb Team Sing.  Both teams were amazing players and great competitors.  Our Peakers were inspirational leaders for the younger campers.  There is an overall winner and this year it is the White Team.

Campers sing at Team Sing contest.
Friends on opposing teams march out together.
Team Sing fireworks on the beach.
Camper family on the POP tree at soccer.

We were so glad to welcome our Point O’Pines families to visiting weekend.  Sharing camp fun with you was a pleasure, and sharing a little of our pride in the accomplishments of your wonderful children is a special treat.  We were even able to stay cool in the lake, and on Saturday our younger campers who had their visiting on Friday got to enjoy a special fun packed day at our farm.  That was a blast.  Once the parents started their journey home we got a bit soaked here at Camp with our annual water-fight. 

Thanks again for heading up here to the Adirondacks and sharing such a great time with us. 

We are now looking forward to an action packed next few weeks!  Today we will be out on the lake for our Team Competition Aquatics Meet, just the thing before cooler weather arrives this evening.

Sisters visiting at Basketball
Parents swim with campers and stay cool
Sisters at tennis
Parents playing basketball with kids
Senior house curtain call at show
Camper excited to cool off on the slide at the farm
Campers posing playing in the sprinkler
Campers holding ices from the ice cream truck at the farm
Peak leaders flank a Robot on the screen in a smoky Rec Hall.

Team Competition has begun.  On Monday night dinner was delayed by aliens (well, Peaker aliens, anyway).  The Peak called us to the Rec Hall, where the Team Captains and Lieutenants emerged from the smoky stage and led camp outside for an outstanding dance performed the our Peakers.  Camp was divided into the Blue and White teams, and, after dinner, each team met to learn cheers, to hear about sportsmanship at the Point and even to get to know their team for the summer.  We were so excited about a great year of Team Competition.  

In the morning yesterday (Tuesday) we were treated to a “Sunday” schedule (Sunday this week was delayed to allow time for breakout).  After honoring many great campers, including our Campers of the Week we held the annual Scavenger Hunt all around camp.  The teams were both terrific, and we look forward to the leadership of the great Peak of 2019! (Many more photos are available when you log in.)

Peakers dance for camp.
White team meeting cheers in the Rec Hall.
Blue team meeting cheers at the campfire circle
Peak teams on the steps of Senior House.
Campers bring items to judges at Scavenger Hunt.
Campers bring items to judges at Scavenger Hunt.
Peak dash to Senior House.

Today we welcomed the arrival of our Point O’Pines campers. Campers met new friends and reconnected with old friends too. The girls unpacked and toured camp and older campers nominated candidates to lead our team competition this summer. After our first dinner we enjoyed a Welcome Show by the staff introducing all our camp activities.

Tonight shared plenty of photos of the day when you log in on our site.

Area Heads perform for the Campers.
Campers watch the Welcome Show.
Peak of 2019 on the Ice of Brant Lake

The 2019 Peakers spent their weekend up at camp. Between enjoying fun out on the lake, a little lemon chicken, and exploring a white and frosty camp, the girls designed some great surprises and ideas to give the younger campers their best summer ever. We were so impressed not only with their ideas, but also the thoughtful way they wanted all of camp to enjoy the fun! Wow, everyone will be in for a great year at camp in just a few months.

Photos of the weekend retreat are posted in an album when you log in on our website.

Peakers arrive off the bus.
Peakers in the dining room for lunch.
Peakers walk to the island.
Peakers meet for planning.
Peak Retreat 2019 cake.
Peakers at breakfast.
Peakers spell "19" on the ice.

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