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Days Until Camp

news from the pointfor alumnae

Campers at Reunion 2018

We missed you all so much. It was just fantastic to be reunited and share memories of such a great year. After a fun session of Aunt Emma’s Auction, we enjoyed lunch, a terrific video of this summer (thanks, Lilly and Ferris!), and signed yearbooks with photos from our talented photography team. A special thank you to the amazing Peak of 2018, we just have to say…wow!

We love you all and can’t wait to see you all again soon!

There are many more photos available in the Reunion Album when you log in on our website.

Campers at Reunion 2018 Campers play Aunt Emma's Auction at Reunion 2018 Campers enjoy the summer video at Reunion 2018
Jim lights the POP2018 sign

Today, we are missing our girls.  Leaving friends is always hard, but it is only hard because of the love, fun and great times we shared.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Last night we made wishes for great summers to come, and appreciated everyone who made camp so special. The Peak of 2018 worked hard to make themselves a very hard act to follow, but they recognize that our Seniors will be a wonderful Peak when they have their opportunity.  Thank you Peakers.  It has been a pleasure to watch you grow and amaze us. We are so excited to hear about the achievements and fun that are ahead of you all.

Point O’Pines Camp is a place, but even more so a community and we thank all of the people who make camp the way we love it.  Thank you to all the campers, counselors, activity directors, area heads, and other staff who make it possible.

We miss you all, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Campers launch wish boats Peakers 2018
Campers enter Banquet 2018

Banquet 2018 was a Journey to the Stars, piloted by the great Peak of 2018.  Peak 2018 has amazed us all summer with their fine sportsmanship and warm relationship with all the younger campers.  Tonight they brought the summer to a crescendo with an epic banquet. They will always have a place amongst the stars, and in our hearts.

Decorations for Banquet 2018 Journey to the Stars

Banquet is also the time to recognize the truly outstanding campers with awards both for this year and for their entire history at Point O’Pines Camp. We are so very proud of them and hope you will be too.

Best All-Around Equestrian
Senior Lindsey

Swimming Hall of Fame
Peaker Maya

Outstanding Athlete
Peaker Alex G. and Peaker Jenna

Tennis All-Time Great
Peaker Sammy

Distinguished Thespian
Peaker Kayla

Sportsmanship Award
Peaker Julia K. and Peaker Julia K. (Yes, you got that right 🙂 )

Camper of the Year
Peaker Charlotte R.

Congratulations and thank you to all these deserving girls!

Peaker Charlotte R. is awarded Camper of the Year Decorations for Banquet 2018 Journey to the Stars
Captains lead their teams at Team Sing

Thank you Peakers for leading camp in a really superb Team Competition. Both teams played so well, so hard and showed sportsmanship we were so proud of. This summer the winner is…Blue!

Blue and White Teams compete at Camp Trivia Campers swim across the lake and back.
Button Designs 2017 and 2018

Collecting each year’s button from the five year campfire is a tradition at Point O’ Pines since at least 1989. Campers love to clip them on their jackets or camera straps to show the many years they’ve been at the Point. Our campers actually get to make designs for the button each summer down at Arts and Crafts. “The winning of the design made me learn to believe in myself…I can have a memory that will last a lifetime”, says last year’s button designer, Alex. The designer of this year’s button, Phoebe, shared, “I was really proud of myself to see my design. I really like it.” We love creative fun at camp and are so proud of all the talented designers who designed buttons. What will next year’s design look like? 

All buttons since 1989

Alumnae, how many of these do you have at home? 

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