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Excited Campers and their Group Leader

Our Staffmature, responsible, and caring

Point O’Pines employs a dedicated, nurturing and mature staff. Our staff is substantial in number and impressive in their experience.  The Directors of Point O’Pines work tirelessly to instill a culture of responsibility and concern in our staff along with an awareness that safety and supervision are paramount.

Staff Member gets an unexpected hug

Our Counselors

The core of the Point O’Pines staff is our counselors.  With one staff member to every two or three campers, we proudly maintain one of the highest staff to camper ratios in the camping industry.  Through an extensive interview and reference process, we carefully select our outstanding staff members.  Two or three camp counselors live in each cabin and attentively care for the well-being of our campers. General counselors guide younger campers from activity to activity and also attend to campers’ individuals needs throughout the activity day. Other bunk counselors living in the bunk are qualified specialists in specific activity areas and instruct in their area of expertise while their campers are enjoying their activities.


Our counselors are young women with demonstrated maturity, who are at least 19 years old or have completed one year of college.  We do not hire CITs (counelors-in-training) or junior counselors. We carefully select our counselors through our extensive interview and reference process. Point O’Pines counselors represent diverse backgrounds, and each brings something special to our camp community. We reinforce our staff’s strong commitment to care and responsibility with extensive staff training in the weeks before the campers arrive.

Counselor awards camper for achievement

Our Key Staff

We take particular pride in the team of key staff who return to the Point year after year. Key staff members, such as Area Heads and Specialty Directors, guide the campers and provide an important resource and helpful guidance to our counselors.

Staff overseeing Team Competition

Area Heads are mature experienced staff members who play the role of summer mom for a specific age group. Area Heads lead the group in the day’s activities, guide bunk life, and communicate with the Directors and campers’ parents. Area Heads are always alert to the health and emotional state of each of their campers and mediate and assist when needed in bunk and social relationships.

A staff member happy about working at camp.

Specialty Directors are highly skilled and accomplished professionals who direct a specific activity program. Our Specialty Directors are experienced teachers and coaches, many of whom have dedicated their lives to teaching their camp specialty.

Sue Himoff training staff for the summer

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