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Days Until Camp

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As you know, Point O’Pines Camp is nut free so that all the girls can have a safe and enjoyable summer. Here at camp, we research products to keep food nut free,  but we need your help to keep other nut items out of camp. Did you know that many toiletry products can contain nuts? It is just as important that these items stay home, and that is why they are prohibited at camp too.  In fact, we discovered that a member of our family had a nut allergy after a bath soap caused a serious nut reaction. We ask that you take a quick read through the ingredients in all toiletries you send to camp to protect our campers with severe nut allergies, and to save the inconvenience of you having to send up new toiletry products on the first day of camp.  Happy packing!

Nuts are not Permitted. Point O'Pines is nut free.

As families are packing their campers, we wanted to reach out and try to help simplify the process. A key thing to remember is there is a “packing sweet spot”. I know you may be thinking you want to pack everything she might ever need, but please also consider the other side of the story. The girls can eliminate stress when unpacking and putting things away if they have fewer things.  They also have an easier time all summer keeping their bunks clean and finding what they need, when families use the packing guidelines. Your girls will have more time for fun if you take one more look through our guideline on what to send to camp.

For example, keep in mind that excess stuffed animals or other items often end up on the floor or elsewhere because they take up too much room on the bed.  When the girls have more on their bed, it is harder making the bed each morning, these items fall down and are hard to keep clean, and they have also been known to lose a few things under them.  Another idea is to pack a deck or cards or jacks instead of big board games that don’t often get played.

The packing sweet spot is the ideal where your girls have all they need, and not too much. Remember to aim for the sweet spot for a great summer.

If you have any questions about packing for camp, please don’t hesitate to call our office.

Campers Unpacking on Arrival Day
Mimi Reid

On this difficult day, we learned that Mimi Reid passed away just this morning.  Mimi’s years at Point O’Pines inspired both campers and staff alike and created many of our Point traditions.  Mimi started out teaching campers to sail, and continued her years as the Head Counselor.  After Point O’Pines, she remained our good friend, and we will all treasure the times we shared.

Outside of camp, Mimi was dedicated to educating and inspiring young people as a teacher at Hadley-Luzerne High School and later as principal.

Our condolences go out to her family and all of the many whom her life touched.  You have left an indelible impression on Point O’Pines, its campers, its staff and so many others.  Thank you.  We miss you, Mimi.

Mimi arranged for a memorial service at camp for the afternoon of Sunday, May 31st.  More details of the memorial will follow.

Jim, Mimi, Noble, Robin and Hoby Mimi Hugs
Noble Masi

We woke up this morning to the sad news of the passing of our friend Chef Noble Masi.  Noble who was our founding chef and is a continuing inspiration to us passed away yesterday with his family at his side. Our hearts are with his wife Robin, children John and Andrea and the entire Masi family.

Noble was with the Point from its start and served as Chef for 26 years, establishing the highest standard of excellence.  We have treasured great times with Noble and Robin, and the kindness and generosity of spirit you both bring to the Point.  From teaching his staff in the kitchen elegant grand hotel-style service, and creating Point O’Ritz in the process, to inspiring us to ever greater heights we thank you and celebrate you, Noble.

In addition to Noble’s legacy at the Point, many of you know that he mentored generations of chefs, both while teaching baking at the Culinary Institute of America and even after his “retirement”.  He served as an ambassador for the CIA and encouraged aspiring chefs to pursue their dreams.  In his years at Point O’Pines, many CIA students and chefs also spent summers learning from Noble working with him in the kitchen at the Point.

Last summer we were honored to have you attend Point O’Ritz as our guest, so you can see the continuing traditions of the Point.

Your legacy is forever in our hearts.

Noble and the Peakers Noble and Robin Masi
Wide view of the Brant Lake Winter Carnival

Did you know that the Point O’Pines beach was the site of the Brant Lake Winter Carnival last weekend?  We were open to the public and worked with our friends, the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance and our beautiful Town of Horicon, to have all kinds of activities out on the ice for several hundred visitors.  Activities included sledding, ice bowling, curling with the Lake Placid Curling Club, broom-ball, a fry pan toss, and, the perennial fan favorite, the outhouse race (yes, that kind of outhouse).  It is a great way to support our great community and friends.  It was such fun, and a fantastic break from a long winter.  You can see more pictures in a great pictorial by Ashleigh Abreu in the Post-Star newspaper or on this album on the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance Facebook page.

Fireworks at the Brant Lake Winter Carnival
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